Website Design

Keuler Insurance Agency Website - click to viewWe work closely with you to be sure you get the website you want and offer guidance to help make your website work for you.

Let GetSirius work with you to build a Web site that will allow you to sell your products and provide information about your business, properties, artwork and ideas to the world.

GetSirius focuses mainly on easy to use, fast to load websites that your visitors will enjoy visiting and even the novice web user not be confused by.

Please take a look at the portfolio for a sample of websites created by GetSirius.

Here are some things to think about when considering your new website:

What is the web site to be used for? Decide what information you want to present and who your audience(s) might be. Are you going to be selling products or services on the web site? Is the web site to present information about your business, organization or community?

Think about how the information in your web site will be arranged. That is, you want to present basic details about you/your business on the home page. Then you can add more detailed information on secondary pages of your web site. Perhaps one section of your web site will have several pages presenting information on one subject, another section for a different subject and still another with items for sale or a photo gallery.

The web is a visual medium so be sure to plan some color, interest and information to your web site by the use of photos and graphics. Gather together a library of items that you might use in your web site. Photos of your products, people or business. Graphics such as your logo or other specialized graphics you may have. Getsirius can help you with all of this.

What will the design of your website look like? Using a piece of paper, sketch out a couple ideas. You may want a banner images across the top or down one side of every page to help tie the web site together. Perhaps you will need several display pages, such as a Realtor's web site, that will have the same format for each page with only the photos and text different.

How will your website be found? You need to consider search engines when you are writing the text of your website. Be sure your text includes any words and phrases that you think someone might use to find you. You should also try to get your website listed on other, related websites. Be sure to include the address of your website on any and all printed material.

GetSirius works with you as much as needed in each of these steps. Then we can start to put the actual web site together and evaluate what changes need to be made to create the web site that conveys the information and look you want to present to your audience.

Want to sell your products online? GetSirius can help! We can get your online store up and running quickly and set you up to accept credit cards and/or receive payments via Paypal.